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Traditional fruit wines

The superior quality of our ferments and wines is based on natural and premium ingredients and on natural production processes. The high quality and adjustable products enable you to produce a wide range of beverages: RTD Ciders, Cider Mixes, Cocktails, Fruit and Berry Wines, Wine Mixes, Long Drinks, Hard Seltzers, Sparkling Fruit Wines, Fortified Wines, Vinegar and Spirits.

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Innovative fermented citrus bases

We are pioneering the development of fermented citrus bases to meet the high expectations of customers for new, tasty and trendy Cocktails, Long Drinks, Ciders , Hard Seltzers and wide range of low ABV beverages (Low Alcohol Beverages).

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Unique, individually designed concepts

With our in-house lab and agile product development process we can help you realize your most extravagant ideas within a reasonable time frame. Our innovative techniques offer flexibility in timing, quantity and across all different attributes of the recipe. Alcohol content up to 14%. Fortified wines up to 21%.

Consumers increasingly look for organic products, and we can help serve this growing demand as well. We are happy to offer organic-certified wines to meet your needs and help you create great tasting products.

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For insights on our value creation process, watch this short introduction to how we produce our innovative products and solutions for our customers.

As a small company focusing on product quality, function and efficiency, we make the things that you want. What would you like to us to create next? Share your thoughts with us or reach out for more information!

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